The Red Ribbon Campaign has the potential to be your “March of Dimes,” @realDonaldTrump.

The Drug problem cannot be solved without winning the hearts and minds of individuals across America. Individuals must be asked to participate in solving the drug (opioid) problem. Solving the drug problem requires individual decision making, actions and taking responsibility.

President Roosevelt’s March of Dimes is a great example of public health problem solving by participation. He asked everyone including children to participate. Children put a dime a day in a card and Friday proudly marched to the front of the room and dropped the card into a fish bowl. When Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine, every child in America felt a sense of purpose, unity and accomplishment! How long has it been since we have given people a sense of purpose?

October 23-31 is @redribbonweek. It’s widely recognized and supported by schools and groups across America.

Your support of Red Ribbon is a first step in acknowledging the importance of grassroots solutions. The 2nd step is determining how to make it your March of Dimes.

Mr. President, do you want to know more about Red Ribbon (Oct. 23-31) and how to turn it into a March of Dimes to solve the opioid epidemic? @realDonaldTrump Tweet us.