Nurturing Full Potential

It is important for us to see and own our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. All three have a direct impact on those around us and shape the environment in which we live. They especially effect our children.

The beginning of the new school year is the perfect time to modify our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to create positive surroundings for our kids.

One of my favorite books is Our Children Are Watching by Susan Ford Collins. Susan taught a course on success filing, a skill that helps to get that awful, nagging voice out of our head. You know the one…the one that tells you that nothing is ever good enough. The awfulizing voice goes through a litany of what’s wrong…from the weather to the traffic to fill in the blank.

Success filing is simple: it celebrates little successes. Hey, you got up, got dressed, got the kids to school, got yourself to work…CELEBRATE EACH OF THOSE COMPLETED TASKS. Ask yourself: “What successes did I have today?” You are a success.

Stop stressing about what didn’t work…especially what didn’t work the “way YOU THOUGHT it should work.”Awfulizing is very common and, like many so-called “normal” things in our society, it is not healthy! So let’s do ourselves and everyone around us a favor and make a shift.

Here are Susan Collins’ 10 tips to shift to ACTUALIZING:

  1. Celebrate all the small things you achieved today.
  2. Success is completing small things.
  3. What we think is what we get.
  4. Communicate your dreams.
  5. You don’t have to do everything all by yourself…ask for help.
  6. Update the past. By completing our past, we recover power for the future.
  7. Hold on to the outcomes that move you toward your dreams.
  8. Protect your dreams.
  9. Switch when you are stuck…be flexible.
  10. Maintain health and balance. Use your time and energy to create your dreams.

Spend your time on these 10 things and you’ll feel better. You will actualize your dreams. Plus the world, especially those around you, will be a lot healthier.