Nurturing Full Potential

We invite you to join us this Fall for an exciting new program that will help us do just that: the Informed Families Red Ribbon Walk & Wrap™. The program gives students a SENSE OF PURPOSE and a belief that their actions make a difference and actually count towards making a stronger America.

The headlines are hard-hitting: “Boston Cop’s Son, an Accused Terrorist: Says ‘ISIS Is A Good Thing.” Have you noticed the recurring headlines of kids going to extreme fundamentalism to find meaning and purpose? Our kids need help, but we don’t need to scoop in and save them; they need skills and opportunities to finding meaning and purpose.

When I was a child, Polio was threatening American children and adults created the March of Dimes. Each day of the week, school children put a dime in a little card and on Friday, we marched forward and dropped our dimes in a fish bowl, which the schools collected and sent for the research that discovered the Salk vaccine. What pride we felt when Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine! We were part of something much bigger than ourselves. We had joined together with millions of other school children to solve a problem; we prevented polio.

Children need to experience that sense of purpose and we, as adults, need to make that possible.


The Red Ribbon Walk & Wrap is experiential learning that raises money for schools and delivers a strong message in support of a Drug-Free America and healthy school environments.

Informed Families Red Ribbon Walk & Wrap is a walkathon event where participants wrap the school’s fence (or perimeter) in Red Ribbon as a powerful, visible symbol of safe, healthy and drug-free living for kids.

How you can help:

  • Donate a minimum of one “foot” for $3 to a school’s Red Ribbon Walk & Wrap event at Each “foot” you donate will feature YOUR NAME displayed in a visible location at the school. Funds raised by each school will be split evenly between the school and Informed Families.

Children need to believe they each make a significant and positive difference in the world. Meaning and purpose are powerful messages and the backbone of a healthy belief system! Let’s make sure the kids in Florida have this opportunity.

Can the kids of Florida count on you?